How do you take care of a chocolate diamond rings ?

Our most recommended method for cleaning your chocolate diamond rings  at home is to use a trusted jewelry solution with a dip tray. An eco-friendly, non-toxic formula is best. They typically provide a good brush to use and remember to always use a soft cloth for drying so as not to scratch the metal.


If your ring is made up of precious metal and non-porous gems such as chocolate diamond rings  , you can use warm water and mild liquid soap to remove built up lotion, oils and other dirt that may cause your sparkler to look dull or cloudy. A soft toothbrush will get under the setting and scrub off any grime.


However, the best option is to take the ring back to your chocolate diamond rings and have them steam it. Professional jewelry steamers are not abrasive or damaging and restore the jewelry back to its original shine within a matter of seconds.


Another options is to leave the ring to soak about a half hour in equal parts cool water and ammonia, then let it air dry. The cleaning chocolate diamond rings in ammonia will break up the stuck-on dirt and leave it glittering again.


When you’re not wearing chocolate diamond rings and precious jewelry, they still require attention. Keep your precious pieces in a fabric-lined jewel case, or a box with compartments or dividers.


Bring it to your friendly jeweler every 6 months. This will not only give them the opportunity to clean the chocolate diamond rings, but they will be able to tighten any stones that have become loose and ensure that you don’t lose any diamonds. Beyond that, clean the ring regularly yourself. You can do this with a bit of dish soap, warm water, and a soft bristled tooth brush.

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